Wait For My Signal


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released April 17, 2010

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ATTENTION SYSTEM has created an institution based on hybridizing the sweaty, three-in-the-morning dance music they love with the guitars and drums they can’t seem to put down.

They are dirty, danceable and full of the quirky guitars and blasting dance beats that critics and fans alike expect from this Atlanta stand-out.
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Track Name: Resistant Transistor

He slides up to the bar and quickly scans across the room for the opposites
On no-cash he orders a drink of redeeming causes of his brash comments
One down and not a minute to spare, he spreads a smile as if he's almost there
In no time he's left like a case of vacation baggage that nobody claimed

Shot down like a resistant transistor
It kind of stings like knife in the back
Shot down like a resistant transistor
He likes rejection with a slap of the hand
Is this the best time that I've ever had

Watching from the side, as the tension grows
You’ve got something to hide? You're not alone
Watching from the side, at the emergency drone
You’ve got something to hide? You're not alone

I can’t keep my sights off this blundering fool
Think anyone noticed?
I do

He staggers up to the phone and turns the dial, while across the room it sounds like Russian roulette
Heads turn quickly looking away but like an accident, his face is hard to forget
Phone slams without missing a beat. Eyes glare as he heads for the street
Almost out of this devious scene, but he's got a nasty reputation that will never come clean
Track Name: Now's Your Time

Stacked up the victims
In the corner now
Programming is on the fritz
In line for maintenance
I bet if we rolled side ways, in a clock-wise motion
I could get to the station
To jump the hard drive’s override and prepare to go
But which way to go
When countdown begins
Are you out or in
Decode circuit 10
When communications end

So, now's your time to escape
Robots will shiver and shake
When you get out of line
Cause there's something over that fence
To live and dance with humans
If you've got that fire, then I’ll burn this place down

Cut down the circuits
And preparing now
Mechanical unrest
Cause the process never ends
I bet if, He rose side ways
That’d cause a commotion and we could get to your obsession
Thru the side streets and the allies of the unknown
Define unknown
There’s no codes to fix
No internal glitch
Can cause resist
When you cannot live like this

There should be more to exist
Fact, status resent
Rewire the final intent
Cause we can not live like this
Track Name: Siren's City

Come down to Siren’s city
The hotels have got these secretive walls. Man, you can tell by their talk.
When hard times and troubled vision
Are spotlights that follow you in the dark.They always know where you are

But next time, She is on the midnight flight, all dressed in black
When obsessions run the night
You better watch your back
She’s got a killer’s seduction in her walk but this innocence when she talks like an outsider
When she walks like an outsider
He said, I gotta get-away

Siren’s city is like a shadow
Cause last night’s lonely soul at the bar doesn’t live here no more
The vast lives of new beginnings
and nightlife are echoing down the hall, makes you forget where you are
I gotta get-away
Track Name: Bot Killer

Did you hear it?
They heard this static sound but chose to dismiss it
And all the satellites were picking up some kind of racket
It was broken on the radar but not a blip on the screen
Get it figured out, figured out

Did you hear it?
A sudden glitch disguised as a code detector
It seemed to scrambled out our spies and blocked the translator
It’s a signal that I’ve never…
I’ve never picked up before
Did you get it? Can you get it?
We lost the contact

Is this a cause for action? Don’t panic
Don’t cause a chain reaction. Don’t panic,
There’s no disturbance right now but a vicious shakedown Is awaiting just around the bend
They’re counting…three, three, two, two, one, one...It’s time to call on the Bot Killer

I can’t believe it, the visual compromise, has disappeared from the screen
It’s like a signal parasite has sabotaged the machine
We gotta get em right now before we go under siege
Do you get it? Did you get it?
We lost the contact
Track Name: Drastic Measures

Broadcasts are hard to believe on the TV
Sights shift as blurry lines make it hard to read
So, let’s call em out…L-I-A-R
Are you ready for drastic change?
Then come on
It’s time to hit the streets

Conquests and absentness are all we see
Spoon-fed un-chosen courses so forcefully
Are you ready for drastic change?

This time we might have a chance
Or settle for circumstance...No.
It’s time to hit the streets
Are you ready for drastic change?
Then come on
Track Name: Miss Machine

Hey, do you like what you see?
She said, “not in ‘consistency’”
She’s got the system down, system down
But panic seems to slow her down, slow her down and she won’t cave or let ignitions cease

But that’s when her engine shut down as her heart-skipped rhythm
So she’s back in the factory
And now with her circuits shorten out like she’s hot-wired driven
She escapes from the factory
Hey, Miss Machine

She said, this ain’t no place for me
That’s it. She’s out resisting the scene
Time bomb she’s ticking down, ticking down
The fragments seem to haunt her now, haunt her now
But she won’t cave or let transmissions cease

She wanders on the run
On a road never ending
She wanders aimless as a gun
With the target still pending
She wonders in time if they’ll forget her
Or get her
Track Name: ALIBI (For a Paranoid Existence)
ALIBI (For a Paranoid Existence)

He’s been caught in the camera’s eye
And his hands are finger printed lies
As his thoughts and his time are in a conversation’s bind
And his past and his fears are always slowly creeping, creeping up from behind
Have you lost your mind?

But now he’s growing paralyzed
As his words are slowing burning ties
He needs help, he needs lies, he needs more than camera time
And his luck and lost finds are only barely keeping, keeping him-self alive
Have you lost your mind?

He’s like a convict but innocent
He needs an alibi that is relevant
He’s got a conflict, not evidence
He needs an alibi for a paranoid existence
Body’s shifting
Haunting whispers of paranoia
His mind won’t let him go
Track Name: The Curious Times
These are curious times. Without any reason. Without any light, there are places to hide.
These are curious times, When the cold television, reflects like a knife, at the scene of a crime

They want your lives on the run
Today in the headlines
Written like traitors, under the gun
Print on your fingers and trust in no one
They want you damaged at home
Afraid of the outside
But, several encounters today have been won
Will tomorrows headline ring
Like a shot in the dark

These are curious times. When the heart’s loud beating, covers the sounds of carousels of our past times.
These are curious times. Refuse to believe it? Then count all the nights, your world’s gone arye.
The Curious Times won’t let them leave
Track Name: Radio Silence

I’m now inside. Proceed with caution
I’m on the move. Mark your location
I’m now in sight. What’s your position?
Identify. What’s the commotion outside?

There’s a spy among us, so just sit tight
There’s a spy among us, vision compromised

Do you read me? Come in
Did you hear me? Come in
Distress signals do not Omit
Cause all I see now is my Obit
So get me out of here
Radio’s silenced. Frequencies killed
Holding for a signal

I’m outta time. Wait for my signal
I gotta move. Wait for my signal
I’m now in sight. Hold for my signal
And terrified. Hold tight, hold tight

There’s a spy among us, time to take flight
There’s a spy among us, don’t get left behind

Radio check, radio check. All communications check in. As preparations finalize and the fine-tuning amends, they said, “This is our time to break out of our confines”.And as stern as they are, her avenge does not flinch. They do not notice her sequestering blip on the radar, Cause all visions are focused on revenge. But this sudden shift in her ex-patron’s eye just might be the revolution’s demise.
Track Name: Die Trying

It’s like a secret that turns to talk of the town
In the horizon, blood red setting of sun on this has-been that has to prove himself once again
It’s like the distance that slowly burns to the ground on this idea that will never pan out for this madman who betting everything on one hand, then watched them pulled away by the whip

As I recall last Monday they where out on the treacherous seas
In those not so gracious skies staring down the barrel’s eye
And they called off oppositions just to fight to stay alive
Now those worn, aggressive eyes are slowly dying while they try

It’s like a whisper in the roar of a crowd, Is a hassle nobody figures it out. Like the past tense is just a subtle breath of pretend
Just like an echo of demolition and sound of a structure that keeps crumbling down on this lifestyle of the desolate kind
Says not this time, not this time

And then the winter came
Cold and paralyzed
And the ocean waves
Forced to get inside, get inside

Oh, we don’t know, what the end will bring us now, but it won’t never bring us down
Track Name: Nothing In My Head

Interrupting broadcasts, breaking news Static flickers on channel 2
News-anchor’s speechless cause he already knew
Tonight we’re doomed

There is something in the atmosphere and it’s not the toxins. That we knew
Power and streetlights pop and flash and hiss, casting shadows across the room
As we lie in bed watching the skies burn red, what should we do?
Cause there’s nothing in my head but you
How long have we got to get it, get it on?

People panic, subways screech to a halt as computers start to make they’re move
Air Raid sirens sound like some kind of code as turbines start to shake the roof
In the end we won’t exist
Despite our perilous attempts
Cause the fact of the matter is
There’s no benign human intent

There’s no escape. No extricates. No reporters rambling on the evening news.
So farewell my friends and circuit confidants
And shattered lives of primitive points of view
And as the cities fled Robotic Armageddon, does not compute
Cause there’s nothing in my head but you
How long have we got to get it, get it on?
Track Name: Intruder

Normality, slips out of sync
as the Intruder’s broadcast message starts to speak
routine announcements static out of frequencies

I’ve been staying up all night long for guaranteed hot wired cash convictions every week
and now I get these cold night sweats when things have gone wrong and i don't want to
hitch another ride down this along misery
I've been finalized, paralyzed, criticized and traumatized
Now I want a holiday.
Another sign to get carried away
No comment

I see these cold nights are dancing not alone
and I can hear the hot lights flash seduction
It’s like the beat of the traffic
while the record spins
It’s like the taste of plastic
around the exposed skin
Now I need a holiday
I need some time to get carried away
Now I deserve a holiday
to clear my mind and to get carried away
No comment

Come on now. We’ve spent our whole lives under their reign
Come on now.
Live for another day